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      Join the “TRUTHFUL PARENTING” tribe!      

Kicks off September 2019

If you desire to BELONG to a collective of parents who UNDERSTAND the truth of parenting and who desire to be BETTER on the daily, then apply now.**

Truthful parenting is about the raw, the messy and the secret side of parenting. The side we keep hidden out of fear of being judged as a ‘BAD’ parent.

This group is for the non politically correct mum or dad. Someone who is looking to express the truth about how much they need support, or how some days are up the fuck.

**Please note, I assess each person based on the group needs.  Maximum of 10 people, minimum 2. $349 total. 6 week program.

What Is Truthful Parenting

Truthful parenting is about the raw, the messy and the secret side of parenting. 

The side we keep hidden out of fear of being judged as a ‘BAD’ parent. 

Truthful parenting is the truth about just how bloody hard it really is!

Who Is This Group For

This group is for the non politically correct mum or dad.

Someone who is looking to express the truth about how much they need support, or how some days are up the fuck. 

The parent who still screams or yells and is seeking change to become better day by day. 

The parent who has anxiety and is constantly making sure the house is perfect, the food is perfect, the photos are perfect….so no one can see the fucking truth. The truth about parenting. 


It's For Those Who Need A Confidant

  • We all want that 1 person who doesn’t let us get away with our bullshit and guides us to level up, to keep our agreements, to be in integrity and play the game even better than we have been. 
  • We all want that person who understands us and who we can sound board to with no repercussions. 
  • We all want that person who is subjective and has our best interests at heart. 
  • We all want a coach! Even coach’s want a coach. Someone who keeps you playing that game. 

What Is In It For You

I will guide the group through the below:

❧ A realistic overview of how life is going for you right now in all 8 areas of life.

❧ Reverse engineering the daily habits and creating a daily structure that works for the family.

❧ Your personal values and your family values.

❧ A vision for what you want life to look and feel like.

❧ Strategies for connection and why connection is freaking EVERYTHING.

❧ Letting go and making space for the new.

❧ How to work with emotions and the growing brain.

Also, what conscious parenting really is. For everyone who completes the course/coaching to a satisfactory 80% and above attendance will also be offered 2 private coaching sessions at a special price. I also give referral fees. Ask me. 

The Process

What you need to know is this:

  • I don’t work with just anybody. 
  • Like you, I too am a leader. I work with those who are prepared to put the energy and commitment into themselves the way they do into others. 
  • You wont be able to fool me, or run rings around me with your busy stories or excuses. 
  • I have no problem holding you accountable for YOU.
I will assess your application and then we will get on a call and I will know within the first 15 minutes if you would be suitable to being coached by myself. 




Words received by other coaches and mentors I have worked with, been mentored by or held space for. 



addicted to success

You’re an action taker, you aren’t afraid to do the research or to speak up and ask questions. You’re witty, I love your humour I think its one of your super powers. 


Sarah kelt

rapid transformational therapy hypnotist

April really is committed to guiding her clients in a way that is supportive, but also firm, to ensure they get results or clarity around their issues.


chantelle williams

meditation teacher

You’re very very intuitive April, you are powerful. Your questions, your structure, the way you flow from it. Fantastic. You underestimate your power. Your absolute flow. You’re like the mama of the group, the salt of the earth. So thank you April, I appreciate you. 


emile steenveld

emotional intelligence coach

I think you are extremely powerful. I like how you think from both sides before you even give a response, like you look at it from differnt angles before you go ‘nope this is it’, which shows emotional intelligance. 


A Snapshot Of The Things We Can Cover

  • Are you giving away too much of your time and people pleasing, if so, what we can do to interrupt this pattern.
  • What does your home life look like, lets see what rituals, routines and values are working for you, and what are not.
  • What are you like with intimacy, where does it lead back to and how can we rewire you for deeper connections.
  • What past messes need cleaning up
  • Are you actually living out your dreams right now?
  • Are you challenging yourself or are you comfortable right now?
  • Find clarity on what you want in your life and what you do not want.
  • Uncover some of the beliefs stopping you from going next level.
  • We will create action plans for you to move forward.
  • Go deeper with your top 6 values that can guide you through life.
  • Implement empathetic parenting practices if you have children.
  • How to use non negotiables and prioritise in your daily life?


Heart + Brain

We will move through the weeks at a medium pace with weekly framework covering 6 weeks, 6 sessions 90 to 120 minutes long. 

Intuition & Spiritual Hygiene

I will share insights along the way and when needed I will use additional tools to dig deeper, always aiming to teach you how to use your intuition and trust in it.


I will seek to understand what is going on underneath the surface by asking specific questions. At times I will teach you techniques so you can become more aware of what is taking your mental energy.

6 Online Video Sessions

We will meet every between 7 days online for 90 to 120 minutes .

Clarity Template

You will be sent a questionnaire designed to support you in gaining clarity around what your life looks like right now and allows me to see what recurring patterns we need to get to work on first.


Being unclear of who we are and what we want to do with our lives leaves us feeling too confused to even start. We will look into the future and work to create a vision for you to aim for.



"I specialise in coaching people in figuring our WHO they are, WHAT their purpose is and HOW to make it a reality. At the same time I support parents in fostering the natural intimacy with their children, we strengthen the bond so parents can be more than ‘JUST MUM”

❧Because being a better man is what it's personally about for me. I ❧You will be learning firsthand from someone who has actually does the work I encourage you to do ❧I have owned and run a multi million dollar business ❧ have hired and fired loads of people ❧I have worked in network marketing ❧I've sold real estate ❧You will have access to me and a level of commitment that I’ve never offered to the public before ❧I will teach you everything I know (well I will try) ❧I practice what I preach ❧I combine modalities ❧I don't accept working with just anyone, so if you are accepted, I'm committed ❧I know people in the industry who I bounce off ❧I continue to invest in my own learning ❧I will actually give a fuck about you

Why Wait Any Longer?

Not everyone who applies is accepted to work with me. I value my time, energy and skills. I will only work with someone who I know is committed to themselves, their growth and their awakening. It will be the first enrolled first in basis. Positions will open up as and when I feel they need to, and when I can serve others I will.


There are options available for you now although my private coaching may have a waiting list.

Click the apply button below to go straight through the quick application form, or book a free discovery call to have a chat. 

Alternatively, apply for one of the other programs I run. 


Through the dark is a 6 month support program designed by and lead by me to take you from dark to light in mind, body and spirit.

I will walk beside you whilst you figure out what you want, need and desire. I will be there while you make the moves to get what it is you require. And I will cheer you on every time you get closer to freedom

This program will give you in depth knowledge, strategies and the inner beliefs you need to level up your confidence and parenting skills to create the family dynamics you are proud of.

I believe that in natural parenting we have a level of freedom that is second to none!

There is another way.

You can choose to continue being stuck, or you can choose to make some moves.

If you need something more, apply for my co-hosted retreat program.

This group program is for the soccer mums The people that appear to be perfect yet inside of dying of anxiety attacks in the bedroom.

I will facilitate an online group so you can connect with others who have similar personality traits so you don’t feel so alone

We can look at where this behavior comes from and work to releasing these unhelpful habits. 

We will implement tools and strategies for you to be assertive and have boundaries in your life so you can spend your time doing the things that you actually like doing. 

If you need more than a group support system, you can also apply for my 1:1 program.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Full moon Group is about letting go of what no longer serves us so we can create space for things that we want.

And furthermore, it is about digging deeper to find what it is that it is that we need to let go of. 

This online support group is co-hosted and is super fun. We piggy bank off the moons powerful energies and we get down to business. 

There are practical tools to move us through letting go, and also some fun energetic tools. 

We also host a new moon group for creating new magic in our lives. 

If you need more personalised support apply for my 1:1 program.


This powerful program features guests to bring a variety of modalities for you to start moving out of the dark times into the happy times.

We want you to feel love for life again and parent your children as powerfully as you can. 

I will power coach you 1:1 so you can gain clarity to where you are right now and where you wish to end up by the end of the program (Aprox 12 weeks).

Sarah Kelt a RTT specialist who trained with Marissa Peers will facilitate 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions with you to clear limiting beliefs. 

Together we will host online group sessions where we will give you practical activites to move you into more courage and confidence.

Then we will spend a few nights together here in New Zealand doing transformational work and forming friendships so you are not alone when the program ends.

After the retreat we will do follow up group sessions to ensure everyone has a game plan and a vision of where they are heading. 

There will be a Bali retreat we host later in the year that  you will automatically be eligible to attend.

We will also both offer ‘tribe pricing’ follow up support programs.

There is limited spaces in this powerful program and it is for the parent who is sick of the lie they are living and is ready to stand up for themselves. 

If you are looking for 1:1 coaching only please look into the All In Nurture Program. 

April (137)

This is ME!

I am your intuitive  parenting coach.


Born and bred in New Zealand where I live with my daughter. A lover of all things spiritual, plants and a good dance. I don’t do surface level and I have the ability to go where no one else goes. I’m not for everyone, yet I may well be for you.

𝗜 work with parents to show them how to connect with their children and find new ways of parenting. 

My  main intention is to:
Teach you how to follow your intuition so that you can create happy relationships with your children, break negative relationship patterns and find happiness that you have never found before. 

“The world needs more people to stand up and stand for freedom, whilst being assertive and raising decent human beings. The struggle is real.”

About me. Well I’m 50 shades of a human and 10 shades of woowoo. I have a daughter at primary school who took me 4 years to conceive.

I’m almost divorced and proud of that. I’ve done the big house, big business, big penis, big car, big full of shit life thing.

Just saying, there is more to life than big, like how you USE it!

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