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Break-up Guide

Your self explanatory work book to guide you through a bitter break up. Nobody wants to hate the father of their children, not everybody knows how to get through it. I didn’t. I do now. And so can you!

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Published books estimated to be in 10 December at the latest. May differ slightly from this photo. Approximately 95 pages at roughly 6×9 inch. Soft cover. Write inside the book. Retail price $44+shipping.

All books brought in December get a free 1 hour coaching session for the reader. (You must book it with the availability in the calendar)

The truth is, nobody wants to stay bitter, yet not many of us know how to do better. 

When a relationship is coming to it’s end, we find ourselves asking questions such as: What the hell just happened. Is this really the end? Why wasn’t I good enough? Did he ever love me? Will the pain ever end? How could he do this to me?

This is the book for the person wants to not only make it through the break up but to come out the other side with purpose, passion and forgiveness.

This is for the mamas. the ones who break in front of their children but know, that they will rise again. 

Lets walk this journey together and I will be with you while you learn to trust yourself, make better choices, release your anger, forgive again and again, and redefine your families dynamics; all whilst walking towards the girl in the mirror.

This walk is for the courageous woman.
I came back you for, it is time for you to walk your dark night of the soul.

Parenting Through Hard Times - The Lessons

This book speaks to my personal journey through all the lessons it took for me to create ‘From Bitter to Better”. It is raw, it is personal as fuck, and it is full of 

This book is coming in 2020. It is part written, still cooking, but when its ready to birth, it will happen quickly!

This is the rising and returning of the parents.

Before we begin. This isn’t going to be just a book of inspiration.

A book to take you through the emotional highs and lows of my life. Nope. Maybe the next book can be that? To be fair, I don’t feel like I’ve had that many experiences. Mmmm let me see. So, I’ve experienced Infertility. Miscarriage. Infidelity. Been on the verge of bankruptcy. Been physically abused and knocked out. Had someone I was very close to go to jail for manslaughter. Had people I’ve been close to addicted to methamphetamine. Had my marriage fall apart after 15 years of a relationship. Grown a business from the ground up. Gotten fat. Yeah so not too much really. Nothing significant.

What this is going to be is a book that shows you the lessons I learnt from my journey and it’s going to be from my heart. No filtering to be ‘publishable’. If the publisher doesn’t like it, fuk them. Its raw. Its real. It’s me being me in this world. And last but not least, it’s going to have calls to action. For you.

You aren’t going to just read a book and take no action. That’s so last week man. Its time. And as the legend himself Mr. Iamjoelbrown says, it’s all about the POP. Ok, no he doesn’t say that. He says it’s the power of practice. It’s all good to just read, absorb and be the most knowledgeable person in the world.

But what the fuk is knowledge without experience? Unless you’re a book yourself, nada babe, nada.

Get moving.

The Conscious Families Parenting Guide

Whoever said there was no parenting manual, is now incorrect. The coolest thing is that this manual will be guided by me and created by you. 

Look out for this book in the beginning of 2020!

Description coming. 

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