We stay because underneath it all the truth is we feel super lonely, scared and unsupported. We feel like we are failing.

  • How To Serve Love With An Empty Cup

    You can not. Sorry. That was a trick title. My Cup Run Overfloweth, or the Well Runs Dry Visualise your children out in the hot dessert heat of the day, asking you to share the water in your cup with them. But, actually, your cup is empty. So when you go to pour, there is nothing but a slow drip.…

  • Judgements, Trolls and Gossip

    Parenting is not easy, we are learning every day. Every day our children present a new phase, a new learning. The last thing mums and dads, aunties and uncles, teachers and grandparents need is someone telling them they are doing it wrong. That their way is inferior to others.