We stay because underneath it all the truth is we feel super lonely, scared and unsupported. We feel like we are failing.



It is the book for the person who has come here to learn how to accept that the end of the road is here. Or at least, the end of the way things are now.

This is a walk through grief caused by the It is the death of what was, and the birth of what will be.

This is the self help book for the person who is courageous enough to start to see the truth of the situation they are in, and are determined to find better life.

This is the book for the hard as fuck times. The woman who wants her man still, even though he hits her. The woman who wants her man, even though he has a new woman.
girl in the mirror, a time for you to walk the dark night with faith.

On Your Knees Ladies Please – Campaign

Anyway, through conversations this week we spoke about dropping to your knees instead of opening your mouth to scream.

Im naming it the:

“Drop to your knees ladies please” Anti yelling campaign.

I mean the thing is, you cant yell at your children when you are laughing at your inappropriate knee dropping visuals. Plus it humbles you when you are on your knees.

So the next time you are about to yell at the kids remember to DROP TO YOUR KNEES LADIES PLEASE.

And if you cant or aren’t willing to, visualize me on my knees.

You are welcome.

How To Earth Your Child Using The 4 Elements

Join My Free Full Moon Call Mind. Body. Soul. We need all 3 of these to truly be present and balance out our time here on earth whilst we experience what its like as a soul being a human. All things spiritual. Crystals, Sage, Astral Travel, Energetic Residues, Grounding. These things are real, believe it […]

Top Books To Teach Children About…LIFE

Books. I am a huge fan of books. In fact when my daughter was going through her toddler years and preschool stages, I had about 100 books to read to her and with her. Crazy right! If you knew me, your children also got books for birthday presents.

Over the next year I am going to zone in on writing a children’s books series so we can teach through books not just our children, but ourselves. I’m super excited for this.

Why Add Music To Your Children’s Morning & Bedtime Rituals

Over the past few months we have implemented a good morning song and a good night song. In fact, when my daughter was a baby, every night I would sing her twinkle twinkle little star with reinvented words.

I note that each night my daughter yawns nearly as soon as I put the song on. And in the morning, she purposefully ramps up her energy to bring to our morning song, most mornings dancing.

How To Serve Love With An Empty Cup

My Cup Run Overfloweth, or the Well Runs Dry

Visualise your children out in the hot dessert heat of the day, asking you to share the water in your cup with them. But, actually, your cup is empty. So when you go to pour, there is nothing but a slow drip.

Anger, Hate, Fuck, Fall, Repeat


For alot of us, we use sex to manipulate and feel powerful. That’s another article though because today, I want to show you real emotions during a severing of an emotional fuck affair.

Okay okay, it was just a separation, but that sounded way more juicy.

The truth is, if your bodies are putty in the mans hand then we don’t stand a chance of teaching our daughters that love is not blowjobs in an alley way.

The Undercover Lightworker Mum

She pretty much knows he’s banging around but she doesn’t want to face it and avoids socialising now because she thinks everyone can see the shame she hides.

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