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    Using Forgiveness To Get Balance In Life

    This weekend I've done a bit of journalling, I've written some forgiveness words and I have listed all my current concerns. I also drew up my holistic wheel of life. What I noticed, is the solution in most boxes for me right now was pause. And the action was "forgiveness letter" and manifestation work. As much as some days I feel like the inner work is not practical and I must take more action, I KNOW that energy controls everything. Faith, staying the course and forgiveness. Forgiveness is not lowering boundaries. It is simply an exercise to shift energy, raise vibrations and bring forth change. A holistic wheel of life…

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    Dear Diary – Here’s why I love you

    Journalling. Visualising. Planning. Manifesting. Why do it? We all hear people talk about journaling our thoughts. Writing after meditation or before we sleep. Having dream diaries. Writing letters that we never send. Writing to someone as if there really was someone. Let me share with you a couple of reasons why journaling is one of the first things I would invite you to do when you are experiencing resistance to transition into a different phase of life.