Using Forgiveness To Get Balance In Life

This weekend I’ve done a bit of journalling, I’ve written some forgiveness words and I have listed all my current concerns. I also drew up my holistic wheel of life. What I noticed, is the solution in most boxes for me right now was pause. And the action was “forgiveness letter” and manifestation work.

As much as some days I feel like the inner work is not practical and I must take more action, I KNOW that energy controls everything. Faith, staying the course and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not lowering boundaries. It is simply an exercise to shift energy, raise vibrations and bring forth change.

A holistic wheel of life is a way of looking at how we can achieve balance in life. The reason I share this with you along with forgiveness is because when I looked at all the concerns in each area of life, I realized each one needed forgiveness work.


Should I Tell His Wife? How To Make Decisions Involving Other Parties.

Here are some questions to ponder if you feel you need to apologize or tell someone something YOU think they should know.

1) Who is this for? You or them. Honestly, truly? What is your motivation behind this? What do you have to gain? What has sparked this? Is it to make your life easier? To get it off your chest? What is your core motivator? Whats the pros and cons?

Mums Not Allowed A Boyfriend!

The aftermath of separation is real. It just takes some time and sacrifice for everyone to get to stable again. And usually the child has to wait until the parent/s has come to a place of forgiveness for them to even begin expressing their truth.

How To Earth Your Child Using The 4 Elements

Join My Free Full Moon Call Mind. Body. Soul. We need all 3 of these to truly be present and balance out our time here on earth whilst we experience what its like as a soul being a human. All things spiritual. Crystals, Sage, Astral Travel, Energetic Residues, Grounding. These things are real, believe it […]

How To Serve Love With An Empty Cup

My Cup Run Overfloweth, or the Well Runs Dry

Visualise your children out in the hot dessert heat of the day, asking you to share the water in your cup with them. But, actually, your cup is empty. So when you go to pour, there is nothing but a slow drip.

The Undercover Lightworker Mum

She pretty much knows he’s banging around but she doesn’t want to face it and avoids socialising now because she thinks everyone can see the shame she hides.

Speaking To Children About Tragic Events

Our children feel what is happening already. They have access to find the information. We can choose to be their guides through times of turmoil.

Here’s the frame work.

The Earth Mama Speaks

peace, not war, shall be our boastyet the war through technologyevery minuteof every daythe tragedy at the Mosquesbeing heightenedby anger and hatred between our people

Say Sorry, I Don’t Care If You Don’t Mean It

  That is what we should be saying to our children. Or partners. Other humans. When we force an apology from them. ‘Say sorry even if you don’t mean it so you can satisfy my ego and allow me to feel right, and make you wrong!” Forcing apologies is teaching our children to say what […]

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