We stay because underneath it all the truth is we feel super lonely, scared and unsupported. We feel like we are failing.


Mums Not Allowed A Boyfriend!

The aftermath of separation is real. It just takes some time and sacrifice for everyone to get to stable again. And usually the child has to wait until the parent/s has come to a place of forgiveness for them to even begin expressing their truth.

On Your Knees Ladies Please – Campaign

Anyway, through conversations this week we spoke about dropping to your knees instead of opening your mouth to scream.

Im naming it the:

“Drop to your knees ladies please” Anti yelling campaign.

I mean the thing is, you cant yell at your children when you are laughing at your inappropriate knee dropping visuals. Plus it humbles you when you are on your knees.

So the next time you are about to yell at the kids remember to DROP TO YOUR KNEES LADIES PLEASE.

And if you cant or aren’t willing to, visualize me on my knees.

You are welcome.

Why Add Music To Your Children’s Morning & Bedtime Rituals

Over the past few months we have implemented a good morning song and a good night song. In fact, when my daughter was a baby, every night I would sing her twinkle twinkle little star with reinvented words.

I note that each night my daughter yawns nearly as soon as I put the song on. And in the morning, she purposefully ramps up her energy to bring to our morning song, most mornings dancing.

Speaking To Children About Tragic Events

Our children feel what is happening already. They have access to find the information. We can choose to be their guides through times of turmoil.

Here’s the frame work.

The Earth Mama Speaks

peace, not war, shall be our boastyet the war through technologyevery minuteof every daythe tragedy at the Mosquesbeing heightenedby anger and hatred between our people

To meet the woman, you must meet the girl

To meet the woman, you must meet the girl. A woman is standing in the forest, alone and naked. She is running through the trees with cold snow is crunching underneath her tired feet. She is lost and can not find her children. She falls to the ground surrendering to her maker, her hot tears […]

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