Mums Not Allowed A Boyfriend!

The aftermath of separation is real. It just takes some time and sacrifice for everyone to get to stable again. And usually the child has to wait until the parent/s has come to a place of forgiveness for them to even begin expressing their truth.


How To Earth Your Child Using The 4 Elements

Join My Free Full Moon Call Mind. Body. Soul. We need all 3 of these to truly be present and balance out our time here on earth whilst we experience what its like as a soul being a human. All things spiritual. Crystals, Sage, Astral Travel, Energetic Residues, Grounding. These things are real, believe it […]

Top Books To Teach Children About…LIFE

Books. I am a huge fan of books. In fact when my daughter was going through her toddler years and preschool stages, I had about 100 books to read to her and with her. Crazy right! If you knew me, your children also got books for birthday presents.

Over the next year I am going to zone in on writing a children’s books series so we can teach through books not just our children, but ourselves. I’m super excited for this.

Mummy, Don’t Cry For Me

Oh mum! Sometimes I don’t like school. I don’t like the girls leaving me out or the boys teasing me. I don’t like it when i’m the slowest or the work is too hard for me. I get frustrated and sometimes, yes mum, sometimes at school, I cry. I cry at school. I feel alone, sad and desolate. I am not enough.

Speaking To Children About Tragic Events

Our children feel what is happening already. They have access to find the information. We can choose to be their guides through times of turmoil.

Here’s the frame work.

To meet the woman, you must meet the girl

To meet the woman, you must meet the girl. A woman is standing in the forest, alone and naked. She is running through the trees with cold snow is crunching underneath her tired feet. She is lost and can not find her children. She falls to the ground surrendering to her maker, her hot tears […]

Say Sorry, I Don’t Care If You Don’t Mean It

  That is what we should be saying to our children. Or partners. Other humans. When we force an apology from them. ‘Say sorry even if you don’t mean it so you can satisfy my ego and allow me to feel right, and make you wrong!” Forcing apologies is teaching our children to say what […]

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