• The Earth Mama Speaks

    peace, not war, shall be our boastyet the war through technologyevery minuteof every daythe tragedy at the Mosquesbeing heightenedby anger and hatred between our people

  • To meet the woman, you must meet the girl

    To meet the woman, you must meet the girl. A woman is standing in the forest, alone and naked. She is running through the trees with cold snow is crunching underneath her tired feet. She is lost and can not find her children. She falls to the ground surrendering to her maker, her hot tears are the only thing that…

  • Say Sorry, I Don’t Care If You Don’t Mean It

      That is what we should be saying to our children. Or partners. Other humans. When we force an apology from them. ‘Say sorry even if you don’t mean it so you can satisfy my ego and allow me to feel right, and make you wrong!” Forcing apologies is teaching our children to say what they do not mean in…

  • Fuck You To The Man Letters

    The letters. You know the ones you write but never give to a person. That's what I'm talking about. Writing a letter to someone to tell them of all the ways in which they have angered you. The reason why, well, fuck them!