1:1 Through the Dark

Parenting Through Hard Times

Online Coaching Program with extra support

6 month subscription. You do the work and you will get the below. If you do not do the work we will terminate after 6 weeks. 

You Will Get

  • Clarity around your relationship
  • Tools to practice acceptance
  • Value clarification
  • Vision creation
  • Tools for connecting to our intuition
  • Tools for connecting with our children
  • Personlised coaching around specific challenges
  • Confidence and assertiveness
  • Faith
  • Bigger perspective thinking
  • Forgiveness
  • Empathetic parenting
  • Spiritual awakening and awareness


  • A free feel it out video call (Discovery Call) which at your request can convert to a coaching taster.
  • An awareness Questionnaire:
  • A personalised Video Questionnaire
  • Weekly 60-75 Minute online coaching sessions
  • In-between text messaging support 
  • After session recorded guidance and suggested actions
  • Priority access

This program was created with my heart, my strength and my mana. This program was created for you. You are not alone.

This program was created through my own lessons and journey. I was seriously unfucking happy. My soul was dying. Everything felt dark. When I started, I had no support. No-one I spoke with except the universe. Who I did not think spoke back to me.

I had one thing only, faith. And a belief that suicide was not an option.

I was full. I had no space for anything, I couldn’t even breath. For me, the process of purging started around 14 months before I accepted support. Professional support. That was when I realised it was time. And I made a choice. And that choice, was ME.

The first part of the program is based on purging. Breaking down and letting go with that sprinkle of faith. Learning to communicate with the universe and simply spiritual hygiene.

Once you create some space we can start to get intentional on what direction you are choosing to go next, what that structure looks like for you, who’s in your tribe and creating your support team.

The entire series is based on the girl (or boy) in the mirror. YOU. Note it is girl and boy, because we are going back to child like eyes. Never mind the adult eyes that are so covered in crap. We work through your girl or boy in the mirror.

The learnings are based around the Base Chakra. Svadistana. The colour associated with this is orange and the emotion is safety and sensuality.



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