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You were raised in the ‘seen not heard’ generation who have taught you that its not possible to have a equal relationship with your children, you must dictate.

Our children right now are growing up in the ‘See me, hear me, understand me’ generation.

There is a huge a gap between the way we used to work, and the way we work now, this is creating disconnect between parents and children, children and parents.

It IS possible, to BE DEEPLY CONNECTED with your family

The world needs more people to stand up and stand for freedom, whilst being assertive and raising decent human beings. The struggle is real. 

Too many people are hiding in their homes wishing and hoping, scrolling instagram while their homes slowly fall apart, their souls are slowly crushed and their life is feeling unstable. Right?

  • What is stopping you from living with more love, more peace and freedom? 
  • Why can’t you wake up with energy and love for the morning routine? 
  • Why can’t you be in a happy loving and trusting relationship AND have confident children? Or live your life without ever becoming a parent without judgement?
  • Why can’t you have your freedom to be yourself?

These are questions that you could answer, if you truly wanted to. During the times leading up to my divorce with my baby daddy, I struggled to find the answers to these questions. To find clarity of who I was, what I wanted and how to stop yelling, how to believe my dream life existed without him.

 I was in pain. I was so LONELY! Anxious. I so badly wanted to be able to dance when I wanted, sing when I felt it and be PRESENT and in the moment with other people.

I really just needed someone to tell me it was possible, take my hand and show me that I was possible.

Do You Crave MORE?


To be fulfilled in life we must have a variety of needs fulfilled. We all know of the rich lonely millionaire. The brady bunch mum having panic attacks. The in love but totally money poor family on the corner.

We are all searching for MORE connection, confidence, belief, intimacy. And the means to make our dreams come true.

I couldn’t find mums or families who set the example of the person I wanted to be. So I created my own VISION!

And here I am, living this life with CONFIDENCE, BEING ME. The trust in myself.

More acceptance in my role as a mum.
More empathy.
More patience

Are these not the things that you desire to have?

Can You Really BE More?

YES YOU CAN have all these things, I am living this life right now. 

A life where I spend most my days feeling gratitude and love. Days full of connection with deep friendships. Doing work that I adore and that excites me deeply. Feeling in love with my daughter and at peace co-parenting. 

Knowing that my daughter has more connection with both her parents now than she ever did before. Isn’t that the goal?

Children need you to be yourself. 

When you know how to be confident within yourself as a empathetic present parent and you have turned up your intuition, you will be that person in your family that can show others how it is a possibility. You will be the key for changing the entire dynamics. 

You can forgive your parents for the things they did not know, and teach them new ways.

You will find that you start to create again, find hobbies and enjoy life again. 

To create again. To play with your children. To laugh. To have incredible sex once again. To feel amazing naked. To dance in the mirror. You will start to get back on your true path and begin to accept yourself as a whole. The dark, and the light. Don’t you want this?

This Is What You Get

Heart + Brain

Intuitive Readings

I will share insights and messages I get for you along the way and when needed I will use additional tools to dig deeper, always aiming to teach you how to use your intuition and trust in it. During the course I will send you a small gift to enhance your own abilities.


I will seek to understand what is going on underneath the surface by asking specific questions. At times I will teach you techniques so you can become more aware of what is taking your mental energy.

Weekly Video Sessions

We will meet every week online for 60 to 75 minutes so you keep on track. The first 15 minutes will allow you to ground yourself into our call and bring up any surface issues for us to clear.

Clarity Template

You will be sent a questionnaire designed to support you in gaining clarity around what your life looks like right now and allows me to see what recurring patterns we need to get to work on first.

Messaging Support

As a private client you will have access to message me after hours. I will dedicate time every day to ensure I have replied to your messages to guide you and keep you accountable for your goals.

Emergency Sessions

I offer emergency sessions only to my enrolled clients. As a private client I offer 1 hour sessions at a 25% discount. I also offer these after hours during times I reserve only for my private clients.

Monthly Evaluation Checklist

Each month you will receive an evaluation checklist so we can see what progress you fee you have made, and where you are feeling you need more progress.

After Session Guidance

Within 24 hours after a session I will send you a written summary of our session including any action lists and further guidance

Free Access To Moon Groups

You will have automatic entry to any current new moon and full moon groups I run, weather in person or online.

Automatic Acceptance

You will have automatic acceptance to any retreats or workshops I host where other people have to apply to attend.

The Power Of Questions

Being Confident To Be Ourselves Is Key

People often underestimate the power of being ourselves. The power of acceptance of our feelings and the consciousness to not behave through our emotions.

People still believe that authoritative “I’m the boss’ parenting is the only way. That being the controller will bring peace and contentment? Yet, it never has.

They believe that they have to live a hard challenging life and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, but who even wants a crumbled cookie?

We all want the same things. To feel empathy, intimacy, safety. To feel accepted and a belonging. FREEDOM!

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Truth is, we all feel a little fucked up at times.

This programme was created with my heart, my strength and my mana. This programme was created for you.

You are not alone.

I was seriously unfucking happy. My soul was dying. Everything felt dark. When I started, I had no support. No-one I spoke with except the universe. Who I did not think spoke back to me.

I would go to work and be faced with servings from the tax department, banks trying to repossess the house, employees not showing up due to drug taking, a family member accused of manslaughter, another trying to extort money for his drugs, my cousin committed suicide, a husband who wasn’t coming home…I mean fuck, even writing this makes me wonder how the fuck I survived those times.

The worst part, was the mum guilt. And the denial inside of me that my marriage had to end. I was fucking miserable. I would treat everyone like shit because inside my chest felt so stretched it was about to shatter. I had no idea how to get through this. I didnt want sex, I didnt want cuddles, I couldnt damn breath and  really, I didnt want anything except to go to sleep and stay asleep. 

I quit showing up places because I felt like a fraud. Like does anyone know what a damn lie I’m living! All these people think I live a flashy easy life with a beautiful family. If only they knew. 

I believed that most the world hated me. Thought I was scum. Not worthy of anything. 

And the worst part of it all was the mum guilt. I had so much guilt about how I was not showing up empathetically or naturally. And my hormones, I was so close to getting my uterus burnt so that I could stop suffering PMS. It was torture. Life was torture. 

I sometimes feel bad for my then husband. He is a good man. He just couldnt help me. He couldn’t support me. Because I didnt have my own back. I didnt like me. I didnt want me. 

Of course, over the next 1 to 2 years I played out my childhood story of abandonment and we split up when Addison was 6. She was the same age I was when my parents split.

And boy did I break down. And cry. Every day for around 6 hours a day for 6 weeks. I was a wreck. I wish I had had professional support then. 

I went on to cry every day for about 10 months. Every morning telling myself “i hate my life”

After another huge breakdown the time came that I realised I needed to snap the fuck out of this and show up and remember who the fuck I was.

At that time, I had 2 things only, hope that faith that hope existed. A belief that suicide was not an option.

I reached out and enlisted a team. An emotional intelligence coach, a reiki healer, a shamanic healer, various other energy workers, friends, a lawyer and of course the most important of all, ME! The girl in the mirror. 

From there, well, go and have a look on instagram at the woman I am today. Confident, cheeky, courageous and for the most HAPPY! I am happy. I am walking hope. I live in faith.

I wake up and think “I love my life” 

Oh and also, I am a fucking good coach!

Private Client Testimonial

I knew life coaching existed but I didn’t know much about it and hadn’t given it too much thought. It was suggested that I should give it a go and I “ummed and ahhed” about it before agreeing to giving it a go. I have not looked back since. I see the world through a different view and have changed my outlook on life. Thanks to April and her giving me the tools that I need to succeed in my journey of life, my family life has improved incredibly, my children have had the greatest benefit, I am now on a path to working towards my career with a clear vision in place. For the first time in my life I know what I want from myself, I know what I am capable of doing and I know who I am. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with April. Without her, I would have continued on the same self destructive path I was on and my children would have followed in my footsteps.
1:1 6 Month Coaching

This Is How We REDIRECT Your Life

You will learn what your values are and why they are so important in living your best life. We will discover how values support us in being assertive.
You’ll learn what empathetic parenting is, assertive parenting and how it benefits your family. We will unpack situations that arise and work more in learning how to be empathetic full stop.
You will learn how to bring yourself back into the moment, ground and connect with yourself and your children.
You will learn how to be spiritually hygienic, clearing, grounding, manifesting and protection.
We will unpack what your faith is to you. What it looks like, smells like and feels like. You will learn how to trust in faith. How to see life as a playground for learning.
Do you believe in love? We will identify beliefs, possibly where they came from and identify if they are working for your best life, or against it.


You will discover what your better life and maybe your best life looks like and create structures around how you can start to live in it now.
We will look into your relationship and see if it is fulfilling your needs or draining you. What is your love language? What are the masks you wear to be accepted? And how is this impacting on your children?
I will teach you about emotions, what they are, why they are and how to work with them.
We will look into the power sex, our natural energy cycles and our feminine
You will learn how to accept, quieten and not become the monkey that is your mind

You will gain so much more than what I can write…

What you will learn and experience during our time together are lessons that are priceless. They are the missing components to our lives to enable us to stand in our true power and live a life on our terms. Personally, over the space of 12 months I invested roughly $35,000 into my growth, healing, training and awakening. I’m not even charging a 3rd of that.  

I am not like anybody else and neither are you, we will create our own dynamic. 

As your children grow older I want you to be able to look them in the eye and tell them you tried everything you could to BE the best parent, best human and best YOU that you could!


* You will be learning firsthand from someone who is actually living with confidence

* You will have access to me and a level of commitment that I’ve never offered to the public before

* You will learn how to make a solid plan on how to structure your home life

* I practice what I preach

*I combine modalities

*I don't accept working with just anyone, so if you are accepted, I commit

*I know people in the industry who I bounce off

*I continue to invest in my own learning

*I will actually give a fuck about you


Here’s what to do NEXT

  1. Hit the apply button below!
  2. Complete the application
  3. Await my contact

Not everyone who applies is accepted to work with me. I value my time, energy and skills. I will only work with someone who I know is committed to themselves, their growth and their awakening. It will be the first enrolled first in basis. Positions will open up as and when I feel they need to, and when I can serve others I will.

“It's hard to feel free when we are lieing to ourselves on the daily.”

- april b

 Join the “TRUTHFUL PARENTING” tribe! 

If you desire to BELONG to a collective of parents who UNDERSTAND the truth of parenting and who desire to be BETTER on the daily, then apply now.

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