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Become less shy, more confident and make some friends along the way



Do you feel any of this:

  • Social anxiety
  • Unappreciated at home
  • Friction with your partner
  • Insecurity in your relationship

  • Alone and unsupported
  • Disconnection from your children
  • Serious mum guilt
  • Loneliness
  • Fear of what the future holds

” A mothers intuition always tells her what to do”

– April B

As we move through the coaching you will begin to realise this. And, to embody this.


Builds Relationships

In group programs we get to see what other people are going through as well and realise what we feel is rather common. Watching someone else being coached is a great way for us to learn without having to be the one in the spotlight. My most treasured relationships have come from group programs I have participated in. 

Fits The Time Budget

Group programs are a good way to gently enter into the work. 

Allows For Fresh Perspective

Many groups have men and woman which allows us to gain deeper understandings of the opposite sex without having any expectations on them. This allowance transfers into our current dynamics. 

Creates Connection & Belonging

You will be surprised at how people in groups love to cheer each other on and support each other through difficult situations. It is also a way for you to get in and offer your valuable insights with other group members. 


One of our core needs is connection, belonging and acceptance. The beauty about doing a group program with me, is that over the past 12 months I've participated in 3 online group programs, attended 2 workshops in Bali and 2 Retreats. Which means, I remember how it feels for you to be nervous, shy and maybe an online tech virgin. I've got you.

2 to 6 Month Subscriptions

The 4 Pillars I Teach Within


  • When to ask for support
  • How to ask for support
  • Empowerment vs enabling behaviours
  • What stops us from asking for support
  • How to accept support
  • How to be supportive



  • What connection is
  • How to feel connected
  • How to allow connection
  • Why connection is important
  • What is intimacy
  • How we avoid connection


  • Intuition vs Ego
  • Clearing the fog
  • Who you really are
  • What really matters to us
  • The truth about our lives
  • Knowing where we are going



  • Confidence vs cockiness
  • Courage to be confident
  • Freedom in being ourselves
  • Dancing in the rain
  • Going after our dreams
  • Accepting our perceived failures

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Whats the Go


For those wanting casual guidance and on the spot coaching. 

Meeting every Tuesday night on zoom from 8pm to answer any on the spot coaching questions. Sessions run for 1 hour. 

Book and pay on the spot. 1 person per zoom.

$13usd per person. 

Application only group with structured themes and intentional learnings. This program is for those who really need to figure out who they are and what they actually want out of life. 

For more information please click my photo above. 

Subscription Price and Available dates on application

The full monty.

This is for those people wishing to fast track the process from feeling lost to feeling capable and confident.

This extra special program is co-hosted with Sarah Kelt a RTT specialist from Auckland. We have a very specific framework. Meeting via zoom and then in person at a 5 star resort mid way through the program, and followed up with after retreat online meet ups. 

Price On Application



Words received by other coaches and mentors I have worked with, been mentored by or held space for. 



addicted to success

You’re an action taker, you aren’t afraid to do the research or to speak up and ask questions. You’re witty, I love your humour I think its one of your super powers. 


Sarah kelt

rapid transformational therapy hypnotist

April really is committed to guiding her clients in a way that is supportive, but also firm, to ensure they get results or clarity around their issues.


chantelle williams

meditation teacher

You’re very very intuitive April, you are powerful. Your questions, your structure, the way you flow from it. Fantastic. You underestimate your power. Your absolute flow. You’re like the mama of the group, the salt of the earth. So thank you April, I appreciate you. 


emile steenveld

emotional intelligence coach

I think you are extremely powerful. I like how you think from both sides before you even give a response, like you look at it from differnt angles before you go ‘nope this is it’, which shows emotional intelligance. 


There are options available for you now, Click the apply button below to go straight through the quick application form, or book a free discovery call to have a chat. 

Alternatively, apply for one of the other programs I run. 


Other Options

Through the dark is a 6 month support program designed by and lead by me to take you from dark to light in mind, body and spirit.

I will walk beside you whilst you figure out what you want, need and desire. I will be there while you make the moves to get what it is you require. And I will cheer you on every time you get closer to freedom

This program will give you in depth knowledge, strategies and the inner beliefs you need to level up your confidence and parenting skills to create the family dynamics you are proud of.

I believe that in natural parenting we have a level of freedom that is second to none!

There is another way.

You can choose to continue being stuck, or you can choose to make some moves.

If you need something more, apply for my co-hosted retreat program.

This interactive online workshop will be co-hosted, where we will look at what it is you are working towards bringing into your life. 

We will give tools and strategies to actually making this a reality so you can live your best life. 

This is a fun workshop held on the new moon so you can take advantage of the natural earths energies to amplify and speed up the manifesting in your life.

We also host a full moon group to letting go and clearing the blocks that stop us from achieving our desires. 

If you need something more you can apply to join my Clarity or Boundaries group programs. 

Full moon Group is about letting go of what no longer serves us so we can create space for things that we want.

And furthermore, it is about digging deeper to find what it is that it is that we need to let go of. 

This online support group is co-hosted and is super fun. We piggy bank off the moons powerful energies and we get down to business. 

There are practical tools to move us through letting go, and also some fun energetic tools. 

We also host a new moon group for creating new magic in our lives. 

If you need more personalised support apply for my 1:1 program.


$17 usd

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