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awareness is key to change

Whats going on inside your head?

The thing is when we get to the point of lost we have usually lost the ability to trust ourselves and we have no idea what to do.

For alot of us we have been listening to other peoples ideas of how we should live and as much as we try, it feels like nothing we do is good enough. 

If we do have a partner lying to us or abusing substances and or us, we do feel crazy inside. We don’t trust our intuition. We can see the actions don’t match the words, but we want to believe in the words because the truth is too much for us to handle of our own, right?

We start to analyse everything others around us are doing to the point we drive ourselves fucking insane. But, we stay because we feel so stuck.

The truth is that underneath it all we feel super lonely, scared and unsupported.  We feel like we are failing.

It hurts. It really hurts because we are actually good people. We don’t deserve to not feel happy. We don’t deserve to be lied to or be unsupported. We certainly don’t deserve to be betrayed! And what about our dreams and goals in life?

Its really unfair! 

The thing is, what is going on inside your head is what has gotten you to this stuck and lost place.  

Are these some of your thoughts?

I need to fix this
I’m ruining my children
I’m a terrible mum
I feel so gross
Nobody understands me
Nobody likes me
Its all my fault
I don’t deserve this
This isn’t fair
  • I don’t know what to do

i understand how you feel

Because it hurt me too. Damn near killed me.

Hi, I’m April. And if we end up working together and I say I can support you, I will. I am not in the business of letting down people who really need someone to keep their word. In fact, to be completely honest with you, I will think about you during the night. I will feel for you when I watch movies, when I’m learning new things I will share with you, I will want your freedom for you as much as you want it, if not more.

Because man, I know its possible and I know how it feels like nothing works and everything is impossible right now. And it pains me to see people with no hope. It pains me to know that all you need is support and yet I have to write this message so perfectly so you hear it and invest in yourself.

I know that during our time together it is YOU who has to do the work and ME who will support and teach you the tools to EMPOWER yourself. I know that you are strong enough because it would have been easier to walk away a long time ago. Yet you have endured everything to this point.

Step number 1.

Accept you need support and, thats OK babe. That’s Ok.

Much love, Kia Kaha,

-April B


Can I tell you how I feel now?

Because that list above, that was my life. And now, I can hand on heart say I LOVE my life. Even when I don’t!

I have a great relationship with my daughters father. And so does she. 

I have my own business where I get to support people through the dark times. 

I feel purposeful. Like I believe I am living in my life’s purpose. I feel ALIVE. I feel like a woman with a mission to bring our people home to themselves.

I won’t lie to you. I won’t ask you to do something I couldn’t do. I wont growl you or be disappointing by you. I won’t break a promise.

And this I promise you

If YOU do the work I guide you to do, YOU WILL start to feel happiness and you will feel lighter and more confident.

Do you want to feel this?

I can do this

I feel good

Its Ok, Im OK

I’m so excited

Look how far I’ve come

I did it

I’m actually doing it

I like myself

I’m proud of you April

I have so many friends

I’m a good mum

I Know You Want Your Children To Be Loved
That was my wish too.

I have a great relationship with my daughters father and at the time of our break up I hated him. Better still, she has a close deep connecting relationship with him.

I have my own business where I get to support people through the dark times. I feel purposeful. Like I believe I am living in my life's purpose. I feel ALIVE. I feel like a woman with a mission to bring our people home to themselves. I wont lie to you. I wont ask you to do something I couldn't do. I wont growl you or be disappointing by you. I wont break a promise. And this I promise you If YOU do the work I guide you to do, YOU WILL start to feel happiness and you will feel lighter and more confident. -April B

- My Expertise

whats stopping you?

communicate effectively

We will apply the power of using values to guide you in what to say yes to, and what to say know to. You will learn how much easier it is to stand for yourself with assertion.

intentional action

We will break down what drives your behaviour now, habits that serve and habits that do not and ways to create hacks to moving towards what you do want.

understand emotions

Another power tool. The ability to feel with, but never for, another person. I teach empathetic parenting and the understanding of our emotions. This is super helpful if you yell at your children, want to run away from them or find yourself letting them rule the roost.

understand your energy

Working with our own natural energy cycles, the moons energy cycles and all the elements enhance ease in life. This means generally I can spot the external contributing factors in your childrens behaviours you may have not noticed or cared to acknowledge. And I will show you how I do that.

- Testimonials

What people are saying

April really is committed to guiding her clients in a way that is supportive, but also firm, to ensure they get results or clarity around their issues.
Sarah K
I feel listened to, respected. I feel like its okay to be me in these sessions.
Melissa B
Bowen Therapist
For the first time in my life I know what I want from myself, I know what I am capable of doing and I know who I am.
Ashleigh M
Solol Mum & Full time student

- Program Overviews

Available Programs

Through the dark is a 6 month support program designed by and lead by me to take you from dark to light in mind, body and spirit.

I will walk beside you whilst you figure out what you want, need and desire. I will be there while you make the moves to get what it is you require. And I will cheer you on every time you get closer to freedom

This program will give you in depth knowledge, strategies and the inner beliefs you need to level up your confidence and parenting skills to create the family dynamics you are proud of.

I believe that in natural parenting we have a level of freedom that is second to none!

There is another way.

You can choose to continue being stuck, or you can choose to make some moves.

If you need something more, apply for my co-hosted retreat program.

Clarity online group program is designed for people looking who are unsure what to do. For the people who say “I don’t know” alot.

I will facilitate the group whilst encouraging you to connect with each other so you don’t have to feel so lonely anymore.

We will take a look at whats going on inside our minds and how that shows up in our emotions and daily actions.

What our boundaries look like. Who even are we? What are we searching for? And who we desire to be?

You dont have to stay in the dark not knowing what to do. 

There is a way forward. 

This group program is for the soccer mums The people that appear to be perfect yet inside of dying of anxiety attacks in the bedroom.

I will facilitate an online group so you can connect with others who have similar personality traits so you don’t feel so alone

We can look at where this behavior comes from and work to releasing these unhelpful habits. 

We will implement tools and strategies for you to be assertive and have boundaries in your life so you can spend your time doing the things that you actually like doing. 

If you need more than a group support system, you can also apply for my 1:1 program.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

This interactive online workshop will be co-hosted, where we will look at what it is you are working towards bringing into your life. 

We will give tools and strategies to actually making this a reality so you can live your best life. 

This is a fun workshop held on the new moon so you can take advantage of the natural earths energies to amplify and speed up the manifesting in your life.

We also host a full moon group to letting go and clearing the blocks that stop us from achieving our desires. 

If you need something more you can apply to join my Clarity or Boundaries group programs. 

Full moon Group is about letting go of what no longer serves us so we can create space for things that we want.

And furthermore, it is about digging deeper to find what it is that it is that we need to let go of. 

This online support group is co-hosted and is super fun. We piggy bank off the moons powerful energies and we get down to business. 

There are practical tools to move us through letting go, and also some fun energetic tools. 

We also host a new moon group for creating new magic in our lives. 

If you need more personalised support apply for my 1:1 program.


This powerful program features guests to bring a variety of modalities for you to start moving out of the dark times into the happy times.

We want you to feel love for life again and parent your children as powerfully as you can. 

I will power coach you 1:1 so you can gain clarity to where you are right now and where you wish to end up by the end of the program (Aprox 12 weeks).

Sarah Kelt a RTT specialist who trained with Marissa Peers will facilitate 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions with you to clear limiting beliefs. 

Together we will host online group sessions where we will give you practical activites to move you into more courage and confidence.

Then we will spend a few nights together here in New Zealand doing transformational work and forming friendships so you are not alone when the program ends.

After the retreat we will do follow up group sessions to ensure everyone has a game plan and a vision of where they are heading. 

There will be a Bali retreat we host later in the year that  you will automatically be eligible to attend.

We will also both offer ‘tribe pricing’ follow up support programs.

There is limited spaces in this powerful program and it is for the parent who is sick of the lie they are living and is ready to stand up for themselves. 

If you are looking for 1:1 coaching only please look into the All In Nurture Program. 

Want to feel organised?

Grab my free anxiety guide NOW!

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