​My first book is almost finished! I’m super excited for it. Here is an excerpt from it on how it will be used. I am super excited!

This book is spiritually charged to take you through the pain, not avoid the pain.

This book is set out in phases. Each phase has a set of self awareness questions. Each page is slightly different and can be used out of order.

At the moment there will be something you do to ‘get rid’ of the feelings when they arise. It could be so many things such as: drugs, fucking, cooking, cleaning, weights, eating, texting or getting into bed to cry.

What I would like you to do is notice when you have a feeling and then let yourself be guided to a section in the book and fill out a page. You will have to allow yourself to really answer the questions deeply. If you are generic, so will your healing be.

Let yourself trust that the page you go to, is right for you right now. If it has a task to do, or asks you to make a plan, do it.

You will soon learn to identify how you are feeling, with a season, this will just allow you to understand better your process.

If you have just started your journey, start with winter. If you feel that you are doing well but still felt compelled to use this book, start in autumn. You wont spend too much time in summer, as summer has the least amount of growth. And this book is all about the growth.

For each trauma, hurt, pattern or belief that you are working through, you may need to re-walk each phase. It may at times feel like you are going backwards, notice how each time you come out faster or stronger. That is healing.

Healing feels messy, yet the reality is, the mess was already there.

Ahh, I am excited. How bitter sweet. 

If you know anyone who is going through a bitter break up and would like to get better, send them my way. 

Check out my coaching options as well.

Xo – April B

The drafts so far!

"Time does not heal, what you choose to do with that time...can."

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