How to work thourgh resentment towards your children.


I want to beat her.

Before I move on, let me say a wanting to is not the same as doing.

It’s no lie that most mums want to at some stage strangle their kid, throw them out the window, leave them behind, smack them around the head or walk out the front door. 

Drop me a 🤷‍♀️ if you can relate.

That being said. What happens with that energy? The resentments, the anger, the sadness, the guilt. All of those vibrational feelings. Where does it go? Apologies do not dissipate it.

It goes into the relationship. Into the home dynamics. Into your body.

Sooooo, here’s my challenge to you and your family. Age appropriate.

Get a pen and paper for all of you. Sit down and write. Here’s some prompts..
-1- I’m still mad at you for…..
-2- I wish that she would…
-3- I feel…
-4- I hate how..

Don’t share the words. Burn them. Don’t speak to each other during it, just be in your own space. Personally I have oils, candles and water in the background.

Once you have done that, the next part is the fun part.
-1- I would love us to…
-2- when I am mad I will choose to…
-3- I love how she…
-4- my ideal dynamic looks like….

So we first tell the truth to ourselves and then release it via words, tears or whatever is needed. (not interacting). And then we write and share with each other what it is we actually desire.

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That’s us today.

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