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 Join the “TRUTHFUL PARENTING” tribe! 

If you desire to BELONG to a collective of parents who UNDERSTAND the truth of parenting and who desire to be BETTER on the daily, then apply now.**

**Please note, I assess each person based on the group needs.  Maximum of 10 people, minimum 2. $349 total. 6 week program.

Tell me your secrets and I'll tell you what to do with them

I want to know your secrets. 👀
Last night my client shared with me 3 secrets. None of them even made me sit up straight. They are to me, everyday incidents. To the person harboring the secret, they are heavy energy that stop the from moving forward in life.
We've all fucked someone we shouldn't have, spent money that's not for spending, said shameless things, done something we can't admit, been a bully, lied about something, been a mean parent.
The difference is that not all of us will take radical responsibility and create radical forgiveness so some of us will sit in this energy forever.
If you want to let go and bust through this energy and are ready to do some work around it, then I wanna know your secrets!
Contact me to discuss what coaching would suit you best. Forgiveness work is best done with support. It is powerful and makes a difference, yet done without support and connection it can be more than we can bite off.
Seriously though, how nice would it feel to let it go and heal.

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