How To Woo Woo

Yo, all you moon blamers and crystal lovers, tree huggers and movie cryers. My friendssss! This is for YOU!

Omg moving into the coaching space was like a whole load of fuckery hit me. I felt myself in other peoples energies, feeling like a child breaking down. Having images of horrible things happening to me.

It forced me to choose to quit coaching, (quit being me), or figure out how the actual fuck fuck was I going to get spiritually clean and empath with my clients differently.

You guys have seen psychics and energy workers go down in health from taking on other peoples energies right? Yup, me too. Worried me.

I cracked the code! Haha, jokes. But what I did do is get super clear on simple AF rituals and I AM statements to get me back into me.

So I LOVE coaching people who go from disconnected to connected with their children, it gives me the warm fuzzies. I love coaching woman into boundaries and focusing on themselves not the ex.

BUT its sooooo much FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN for me to talk, teach, delve, live in the MAGIC of the WOOOOO!


You guys imagine having boundaries, imagine if you could love someone hard yet still keep your legs closed. Not sacrifice your needs for theirs. Know you weren’t crazy and know you are WORTH way more than they are capable of. Imagine if you could feel like you were actually inside your bodies.

You do the inner work but if you are not keeping yourself spiritually clean you are missing a BIG BIG part of it. Mind, Body, aha, SOUL!

I got the magic stick. I know if I can hit once I can hit twice. Being an empath can be funnnnnn I mean, reading energy saves a whole lot of heartache.

Lets make some magic together.  Witches hats welcome.

Stop fucking around.

PS, I can not save beds sorry – boundaries. 

I have too many people say they are coming, but …we all know that we know when you are actually coming! Action baybee.

The 101 of Spiritual Hygiene

Clearing Energy

We naturally absorb other peoples energy so we must learn how to clear it off ourselves and know what is ours, and what is not.

Grouding Your Energy

When we are not connected into the earth we can feel lightheaded, spacey and have too many ideas with no action. When we learn how to ground ourselves, we feel more stable.

Protecting Your Energy

Alot of people are projecting energy without even knowing. We have ways that we can protect ourselves from absorbing their energy in the first place so we don't need to clear so much.

Secure Your Bed Here

Only 6 beds availalble

Pricing is in New Zealand dollars and $195 includes gst. Deposits are non refundable. Final payments must be made by the 30th July in full. The program agenda will be covered basically and more in depth depending on the interaction of the group and therefore is subject to change.  Upon paying your deposit you agree to abide by my etiquette and complete the intake form as a top priority. You will agree to participate in the program and to be responsible for your learning and energy by applying the teachings during your time with me. You understand I am not replacing legal or medical advice. My full terms are in the footer of the page. 


Day One

  • Arrive, drop your things into your room and we will ground into the space with the spiritual hygiene 101 techniques
  • Introductions & Framework
  • Lunch
  • Hygiene 101 teaching, practice & discussions
  • Intuitive drawing sessions & guidance card interpretations
  • Dinner
  • Meditation & Forgiveness Ceremony OR  intuitive interpretations


Day Two

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Practice spiritual hygiene tools
  • Leaving meditation
Only 6 beds availalble
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