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Full Moon – I AM in my own energy

Who does this belong to?

“Remember the moon is amplifying what is already in you, use it so it doesn't use you”

Full moons are well known for being a time to let go.

I often hear and have practiced letting go of fear, emotions and addictions. 

Today in my moon circle we went into a healing visualization where I guided our group through letting go of other peoples energies. 

This is the affirmation that came through for the session:

  I AM in my own energy 

This affirmation is especially beneficial for people who identify with being an empath. 

We are all on this journey to authenticity yet today my guides clearly gave me this message to pass on to you guys. 


You are unique, original, one of a kind. You don’t need to try to find a way to be what you are. Just be it. 

When we are covered in other peoples energies our originality gets confused, we act upon the emotions that weigh us down and we feel disconnected. 


"I AM in my own energy "

One thing energy healers are really good at doing to guiding you through clearing, grounding and reconnecting.  

➸ Here are some questions you can try on yourself. 

↬ Who does this energy belong to?

↬ Return to source

↬ Are my roots deep enough and strong enough?

↬  Is my aura too close, too far or just right?

↬ What color energy does my aura need to be filled with right now?

Next full moon healing circle 16 August 2019

Next full moon healing circle 16 August NZ time.


Let go of what you soul wants you to let go of,
 so you can bring more greatness into your life.



Schedule: Full Moon Schedule. New Zealand Time.

16th August   |   15 Sept 12pm

Intuitive Approach

We are intuitively led which means, we go where the collective of souls in the group want to go.

Practical Framework

We will apply practical tools for you to apply into your life.

New Friends

You may meet people that align to your values and speak your language.

This Group Is Not Just For Anyone

This moon group is for those who are committed to using the natural energies of our planet to enhance their healing. 

I Work With People At All Stages

Business owners, mums, dads, creatives, light-workers and entrepreneurs. Some are completely overwhelmed and at the point of a break down and are looking to not feel so afraid. Some are having private panic attacks behind closed doors and are seeking human connection. Some are just plain overwhelmed and anxious looking for tips and tools to get organised. All know they are here for a reason. 

Alot Of People Are Shy On Zooms To Begin With

Alot of people feel shy coming into a group setting with a bunch of randoms. Dont worry Ill be keeping an eye on you plus you don’t have to turn your video on or interact. Although, those who do get more value. No one will make you speak if you don’t choose to and you have free choice the whole way through. You actually will probably find that you make some friends that understand you. 


Full moon Group is about letting go of what no longer serves us so we can create space for things that we want.

And furthermore, it is about digging deeper to find what it is that it is that we need to let go of. 

This online support group is co-hosted and is super fun. We piggy bank off the moons powerful energies and we get down to business. 

There are practical tools to move us through letting go, and also some fun energetic tools. 

We also host a new moon group for creating new magic in our lives. 

If you need more personalised support apply for my 1:1 program.

This interactive online workshop will be co-hosted, where we will look at what it is you are working towards bringing into your life. 

We will give tools and strategies to actually making this a reality so you can live your best life. 

This is a fun workshop held on the new moon so you can take advantage of the natural earths energies to amplify and speed up the manifesting in your life.

We also host a full moon group to letting go and clearing the blocks that stop us from achieving our desires. 

If you need something more you can apply to join my Clarity or Boundaries group programs. 

Learn how to manage life as an empath so that you can step up and serve.

Introducing the:
With the right tools, being an empath can be fun!
Only $199

Saturday 10th August 11am to Sunday 11th 10am | Hamilton, Waikato; New Zealand

Sup Hamiltown!
I am April, your intuitive coach.

Born and bred in New Zealand where I live with my daughter. A lover of all things spiritual, plants and a good dance. I don’t do surface level and I have the ability to go where no one else goes. I’m not for everyone, yet I may well be for you.

𝗜 work with people to show them how to connect with their inner knowing.

My main intention is to:
Teach you how to follow your intuition so that you can create happy relationships, break negative patterns and find happiness that you have never found before.

“The world needs more people to stand up and stand for freedom, whilst being assertive and raising decent human beings. The struggle is real.”

About me. Well I’m 50 shades of a human and 100 shades of woowoo. I have a daughter at primary school who took me 4 years to conceive.

I have been practising spiritual hygiene for many years and have known I am an empath for a only about 5 years. I used to think all these thoughts and feelings were mine and therefore I was screwed!

-April B

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The 101 of Spiritual Hygiene
Clearing Energy
We naturally absorb other peoples energy so we must learn how to clear it off ourselves and know what is ours, and what is not.

Grouding Your Energy
When we are not connected into the earth we can feel lightheaded, spacey and have too many ideas with no action. When we learn how to ground ourselves, we feel more stable.

Protecting Your Energy
Alot of people are projecting energy without even knowing. We have ways that we can protect ourselves from absorbing their energy in the first place so we don’t need to clear so much.

Secure Your Bed Here

Only 6 beds availalble

Pricing is in New Zealand dollars and $195 includes gst. Deposits are non refundable. Final payments must be made by the 23rd July in full. The program agenda will be covered basically and more in depth depending on the interaction of the group and therefore is subject to change.  Upon paying your deposit you agree to abide by my etiquette and complete the intake form as a top priority. You will agree to participate in the program and to be responsible for your learning and energy by applying the teachings during your time with me. You understand I am not replacing legal or medical advice. My full terms are in the footer of the page. 

AGENDA – Click below for more

“You can not control the process of surrender”

- april b
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