Yesterday I had a short convo with a friend about forgiveness. She told me she was going to write a forgiveness letter for her mum and for someone else. (My bad, I forgot who).

I wrote back to her and told her that I have never written a forgiveness letter for anyone else since I was 19.

She was surprised, like huh? Hasn’t our coach told you to do forgiveness letters?

Yup. He sure did. To me. Always to me. One time I wrote a letter outlining all the filth I wanted to say to my ex, but I named that a FUCK YOU letter and now teach it to others. I don’t classify it as forgiveness. I classify it as anger therapy.

So here is my point.

My belief is that energy does not lie so therefore we must first forgive ourselves before we expect anothers forgiveness.
And we must forgive ourselves before we can forgive another.

Read that again.

I believe forgiveness is an energy. And as you have heard me say before, YOU change, Others change. It is law. It is not possible for you to change and nothing around you to change. This is why its so damn important that you focus inwards.

It was never about them. Sure felt like it. Definitely if you were deceived, overpowered, betrayed or misunderstood.

But nope, it always comes back to us. To our energy.

And that my friends is why you need a coach to guide you through the cleaning up of the mess you harbor inside your soul. (Because naturally, you will keep trying to make things external to avoid the internal pain)

(Insert winky eye here)

Full moons up next week, this is THE most powerful time to do forgiveness work. If you want a session over this moon period DM me to book in.


Let go of what you soul wants you to let go of,

 so you can bring more greatness into your life.


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Schedule: Full Moon Schedule. New Zealand Time.

16th June 11am  |   14th July 9am   |    18 Aug 6.30pm  |    15 Sept 12pm

Intuitive Approach

We are intuitively led which means, we go where the collective of souls in the group want to go.

Practical Framework

We will apply practical tools for you to apply into your life.

New Friends

You may meet people that align to your values and speak your language.

This Group Is For Anyone

This moon group is for anyone who has an interest in improving their lives and are interested in understanding and learning how to implement change. 

I Work With People At All Stages

Business owners, mums, dads, creatives, light-workers and entrepreneurs. Some are completely overwhelmed and at the point of a break down and are looking to not feel so afraid. Some are having private panic attacks behind closed doors and are seeking human connection. Some are just plain overwhelmed and anxious looking for tips and tools to get organised. All are ready to start sorting out their lives and creating a well run home. 

It’s Also For Men

Men are valuable and they offer an insight that woman wish they had. Having men and woman in this group allows for open dialogue for us to better understand the opposite sex in our homes better. I am all about women’s empowerment but I am not about emasculating our men. Woman also have an insight many men are searching for. Listen, if we discover you need to leave your relationship cool, Ill support you in that. But maybe you just need some clearer perspective on the lover in your life, and a mixed group allows for this. 

Alot Of People Are Shy On Zooms To Begin With

Alot of people feel shy coming into a group setting with a bunch of randoms. Dont worry Ill be keeping an eye on you plus you don’t have to turn your video on or interact. Although, those who do get more value. No one will make you speak if you don’t choose to and you have free choice the whole way through. You actually will probably find that you make some friends that understand you. 



Full Moon Online Co-Hosted Group
New Moon Online Co-Hosted Group
Retreat Program
Full Moon Online Co-Hosted Group

Full moon Group is about letting go of what no longer serves us so we can create space for things that we want.

And furthermore, it is about digging deeper to find what it is that it is that we need to let go of. 

This online support group is co-hosted and is super fun. We piggy bank off the moons powerful energies and we get down to business. 

There are practical tools to move us through letting go, and also some fun energetic tools. 

We also host a new moon group for creating new magic in our lives. 

If you need more personalised support apply for my 1:1 program.

New Moon Online Co-Hosted Group

This interactive online workshop will be co-hosted, where we will look at what it is you are working towards bringing into your life. 

We will give tools and strategies to actually making this a reality so you can live your best life. 

This is a fun workshop held on the new moon so you can take advantage of the natural earths energies to amplify and speed up the manifesting in your life.

We also host a full moon group to letting go and clearing the blocks that stop us from achieving our desires. 

If you need something more you can apply to join my Clarity or Boundaries group programs. 

Retreat Program

This powerful program features guests to bring a variety of modalities for you to start moving out of the dark times into the happy times.

We want you to feel love for life again and parent your children as powerfully as you can. 

I will power coach you 1:1 so you can gain clarity to where you are right now and where you wish to end up by the end of the program (Aprox 12 weeks).

Sarah Kelt a RTT specialist who trained with Marissa Peers will facilitate 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions with you to clear limiting beliefs. 

Together we will host online group sessions where we will give you practical activities to move you into more courage and confidence.

Then we will spend a few nights together here in New Zealand doing transformational work and forming friendships so you are not alone when the program ends.

After the retreat we will do follow up group sessions to ensure everyone has a game plan and a vision of where they are heading. 

There will be a Bali retreat we host later in the year that  you will automatically be eligible to attend.

We will also both offer ‘tribe pricing’ follow up support programs.

There is limited spaces in this powerful program and it is for the parent who is sick of the lie they are living and is ready to stand up for themselves. 

If you are looking for 1:1 coaching only please look into the All In Nurture Program. 


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