Energy Doesn't Lie

My daughter Addison is adamant that I can never have a boyfriend.

I think ill agree if she agrees too? Fair deal?

And then we can both sneak around and do our thang anyway.. 😂😂

Just playing. But for real, she’s terrified of me getting a boyfriend.

The aftermath of separation is real. It just takes some time and sacrifice for everyone to get to stable again. And usually the child has to wait until the parent/s has come to a place of forgiveness for them to even begin expressing their truth.

Even when I was pretending to be sweet, Addison always knew. Energy doesn’t lie.

If you can imagine what it is like for a child when half of their stability moves out of the home especially if another person is on the scene, it’s no surprise they freak out about new people coming to take their stability.

We talk about never sacrificing ourselves for others and I agree.. Except.. I believe that it’s our duty to sacrifice for our young children because at the end of the day, how could I EVER be happy if my child wasn’t? Because they are still children and they don’t get to just pack up and leave home and choose schools and environments. They are somewhat sacrificing for us too.

I also believe it must be for the greater good. I’ll take this one on the chin for now, for the greater good. Because I know the end goal, and I know it just takes time and connection. ❤️💜

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