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What is Anxiety Costing You?

Can I tell you that I used to be riddled with anxiety, I used to hide in my room and not be able to breath. I felt like a fraud, a failure and ashamed. I was seriously unfucking happy.

My soul was dying. Everything felt dark and colorless. I had no support. No-one I opened up with except the universe who didnt even speak back. I had a husband who never came home. And a child who needed me to be better than what I was being.

The only thing that kept me going was the little faith I had, and the strong beleif that sucide was not an option.

I was full. I had no space for anything, I couldn’t even breath.

From the outside looking in, my life was perfect. Perfect house, business, husband and child.

On the inside, I was dying of anxiety, drowning in fear. Exhausted. Paralysed by 4 walls.

Anxiety was costing me connection, confidence, courage, clarity, money, organisation…dreams could get fucked! It was COSTING ME EVERYTHING!

And in fact, not to scare you but, the year it came to a head I left my marriage, sold our house, exited our business and culled most of our friends and family. Everything has a cost.

So how do you manage anxiety?

I’ve made a free ebook for you to look into this further and when you are ready for step 2, I’ve made a short 5 steps video program for you to really start making breakthroughs in your life.

If it is to be, it is up to you.


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