Hey all,

Books. I am a huge fan of books. In fact when my daughter was going through her toddler years and preschool stages, I had about 100 books to read to her and with her. Crazy right! If you knew me, your children also got books for birthday presents.

Not much has changed, except now shes can actually read and she chooses her own books from school. Except of course in the school holidays when we go to the local library.

Over the next year I am going to zone in on writing a children’s books series so we can teach through books not just our children, but ourselves. I’m super excited for this.

For now though, here is some of my absolute favorite books. The must haves!

These books range from learning to deal with lifes ups and downs, using confidence to scare away your enemies, differences in culture, how all we need is love, being kind and considerate to teaching about manners and emotions and of course, the classic feel good loved up books.


There are so many many more that I simple love. For now. This are the top pics.

They can all be found on book depository and in the main library’s.

Happy reading!

Oh, and if you have your favorite classics for children aged 1.5 to 7, please let me know!

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