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How To Serve Love With An Empty Cup

You can not. Sorry. That was a trick title.

My Cup Run Overfloweth, or the Well Runs Dry

Visualise your children out in the hot dessert heat of the day, asking you to share the water in your cup with them. But, actually, your cup is empty. So when you go to pour, there is nothing but a slow drip.

Your child starts to cry from thirst. You frantically try to tell your child that crying will dehydrate them more, but the crying gets louder and more desperate.

You start to run around looking for water but you realise you are weak. Your legs aren’t moving properly, and it is hot. So fucking hot. The nearest water well is at least an 10 minutes walk away.

You run to the well, to gather the water to feed your thirst, to feed your child’s thirst. The well is dry. Your well is dry. Your cup is empty.

You sit down and you cry into the emptiness. 2 empty cups are laying broken beside you.

The cup represents your capacity to serve love. To nurture. To teach.

The well represents your back up reserves of confidence, structures, routines, trust, support, friends.

And you, well you represent a mother. A father. A person who is guiding another small creature on their walk on this earth. 

You must fill your well. You must fill your cup. So when your child spills the contents of their cup without knowing, you have reserves to serve them with. 

You can not serve from an empty cup. Do the work. Nurture yourself. Allow yourself me time. Allow yourself time with friends. Encourage yourself to get that hair cut and write a poem. Let yourself sleep in. Put the structure at home in place. Do the work. Fill your cup. Say no to the toxic boyfriend. So no to blowjobs in alleyways. Say yes to coffee with people who uplift you. Say yes to boundaries around bedtime. Say yes to meditation or walks along the lake. Do the work. 

My cup run overfloweth or the well runs dry. You choose. 

Stuck with how to make this happen? Contact me. Lets see if it is something together we can change. 



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