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Full Moon – How To Let Go

Every month I host a full moon circle for free online via zoom. I don’t preplan how these circles will go, we go where we need to go.

Today we went into the process I was coached through to let go of basically my entire life. Who I was being, my marriage, sex with my ex, our family home and our business. The attachment to controlling the outcome.

You can use this process for small things in your life, or you can use this for the bigger things.

1 – Write down exactly what you are saying inside your head (inner talk)

2 – Identify what your ‘pay off’ is (what it feeds you)

3 – Learn how to feed yourself (self fulfillment)

4 – Create new habits and hacks to break the pattern (identity)

This process is simple, but that doesn’t mean it is easy.

When we really look inside to how we speak to ourselves, what our underlying emotions are and how much fear we hold inside ourselves towards loneliness, not being accepted or not being good enough it can bring up some pain. Poking the sleeping bear so to speak.

There are many ways from here to hack, pause, break a pattern including forgiveness work, singing love songs to the mirror, creating affirmations you can believe in, meditation, using humor and silliness.

If I had to pick one tip and one tip only to letting go using awareness it would be this: Find people who understand what you are going through and that you can sound board with, this allows you to not feel alone in your process and know that it is possible.

Today here are some of the things I suggested people go into:

1- Discover and really understand what your top 6 values in life are

2 – Write out your 5-10 year vision

4 – Forgive yourself for anything you feel shame around

5 – Practice mindfulness

6 – Practice meditation

7 – Stop justifying yourself, it is what it is

8 – Get inside your heart more

9 – Think more into what your life purpose is.

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Letting go can be beautiful.

– April B


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