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Mummy, Don’t Cry For Me

Mummy are you crying?

Oh mum! Sometimes I don’t like school. I don’t like the girls leaving me out or the boys teasing me. I don’t like it when i’m the slowest or the work is too hard for me. I get frustrated and sometimes, yes mum, sometimes at school, I cry. I cry at school. I feel alone, sad and desolate. I am not enough.

But mum don’t you see? I have to experience this. Do not be sad or worry for me for too long, because without these lesson, I can not grow.

Sometimes when I cry mum,. my bestest friend she comes and she rubs my back. She hugs me and speaks to me in that really nice soft voice. She gives me a pep talk like my own cheerleader. And you should hear her mum , tell them off. She yells at the mean kids and sticks up for me. I like that. I feel loved. I feel included. I feel like I have a friend. I am enough.

And mum! You should have seen how proud my teacher was at my poem I read today. I think I’m the best in the class. My teacher said she thinks I am. I can also do the whole monkey bar now all by myself! Oh, and if I do fall sometimes, just because my hands are sweaty, it doesn’t hurt. I just brush it off and get up again. And today, we had harold the giraffe come! He was funny and he taught us about good foods. I like school. School is fun mum. I am capable.

Mummy. I know you will come for me you know. I do know. And with each day that passes and again I see your face, i feel safer in this world. And the days I am mean to you because I cried that day, I am sorry but Mum, you are the difference.

So don’t be sad. Don’t wish away my school years. Just show me love. Show me patience. Show me how to navigate this thing called life.

I think I like it.


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