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Hi, I’m April B

Hey you guys,

Feeling cheesy as writing this right now. Thought about getting a third party to write about me, but that’s just weird.

About me. Well I’m 50 shades of a human and 1 shade of woowoo. I have a daughter at primary school who took me 4 years to conceive.

I’m almost divorced and proud of that. I’ve done the big house, big business, big penis, big car, big shit life.

Just saying, there is more to life than big, like how you USE it!

I used to be the one reading this sales pitch stuff and desperately want to be one of the special ones who got to succeed and be happy.


At night I would fantasise about taking on a lover behind my husbands back, (in fact this was one of my favorite fantasies to play out with him) and during the day I would avoid his phone calls. Not because he’s a bad person or anything, but because one day I just realised I felt different. I didn’t want this big life anymore. I actually told him that I wanted a small 3 bedroom home, to sell the machines and have a small business with fuck all staff, I wanted another baby and to run off for a weekend pop pills and fuck all weekend.

I was lost, lonely, unappreciated and having panic attacks.

Instead I fell into a depression and he had an affair and so the journey of being DEVASTATED, terrified of sex with another man, nights full of anxiety, heartache, court battles, business negotiations, house selling, friend culling, text-a-psychic and jager bombs began.

I was not a nice person to be around, to BE and I have next to no hope of life ever feeling good again.

I was riddled with mumguilt, body dysmorphia and self hate.

Okay okay you get the picture. I was fucked. With no way out.

And then, I gave the sky an ultimatum. Send me support or beam me up Scottie.

And in walked support.

I spent the next 12 months and aprox $35k,  prioritising learning HOW to become content, happy and have a fulfilling life.

So that’s exactly what I did. And that’s why I can show you how to do it too. You need someone who understands and doesn’t think you are fucked up for wanting him back. Who doesn’t judge you for sleeping with him just to spite the mistress. Who knows the yelling at your child school morning feeling.

And more importantly someone who can show you how to move from SHIT to STRENGTH.

Tell me what you want and lets take it from there. 

Sending you strength

-April B


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