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The thing is, when we have had someone telling us for a long time that what we do isn’t good enough, or we have a partner lying to us, we do feel crazy. We don’t trust our intuition. We can see the actions don’t match the words, but we want to believe in the words because the truth of the actions is heartbreaking.

We analyse everything they are doing to the point we drive ourselves fucking insane. We yell, we cry, we can’t breath…..But, we stay anyway.

We stay because underneath it all the truth is we feel super lonely, scared and unsupported. We feel like we are failing.

And it hurts. It really hurts because we are actually good people. We don’t deserve to be cheated on. We don’t deserve to be lied to. And we certainly don’t deserve to be betrayed!

The problem is, we don’t know it. 

Do you think these sort of things?

♠️I need to fix this
♠️I’m ruining my children
♠️I’m a terrible mum
♠️I feel so gross
♠️Nobody understands me
♠️Nobody likes me
♠️Its all my fault
♠️I don’t deserve this
♠️This isn’t fair
♠️I don’t know what to do

Step 1. Admit you need support, and that that is OK.


We all need support. 💗 And, thats OK.

Much love,

-April B xo


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