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We Dont Need Flowers On Mothers Day

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 2019!!! πŸ’•πŸ’

To all the mum’s who have ever stood in the school and cried coz, well, FUKKK!! #saveme

The mums who have whisper screamed “put your shoes on now!” #runnow

To the mums who have have passively let thier possed child stay up past midnight because “ain’t no one got time for that” #fuckit

The mums who have wanted to step to a school ground biarch, because of the way they made thier child cry. #staunch

The mums who rock up to school in thier pj’s and kicks the kids out before going home to cry.

The mums who can’t wait for the kids to go to sleep and then misses them. #bipolar

And how about these mums:

The mums who walked away from thier children, because it was that… Or beam me up scottie.

The woman who loved/love men who already have children. Bam your a step mum now. Forever to be reminded that you are not Mum.

The woman who are watching other woman raise thier child with jealousy and fear. Scorn at the wrench who broke thier marriage.

The woman loving and working in the youth system playing mum.

Happy mother day.
Happy mothers day to my mother. My step mother. My grandmother. My aunties. My mentors.

Bringing life onto this planet, it’s not easy. It’s not pretty, and it certainly isn’t logical. I mean, you think it’s about your vagina and then the contractions start! It’s unexplainable.

The path to pregnancy is so different for us all. Some it’s a wham bam thank you dam I’m pregnant. For others it’s crying on the toilet at another fuckin period.

For others it’s a beautiful first try success whilst the neighbour is on her fourth miscarriage, the bathroom floor, stomach cramping, blood, tears and a blackening heart.

The 40 year old who despises her husband secretly in the abortion clinic, the successful corporate lady who doesn’t want kids arguing that she is just as worthy. The girl who got raped and left the baby in the trash can. The quiet pill taking to poof it away.

And the men. The men on the other side of that.

This got deep fast

Can you relate? Drop me some πŸ’ below if you can

This mothers day I honour you all, every woman, every man, everyone. It takes a world to make a world. Fertility, pregnancy, loss, stillborn, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, teenagers, adults… Its all part of motherhood. Its all part of the womb. The creation of LIFE!!

Mums have it challenging they do. But I’m not about emasulating our men anymore. We can all be honoured at the same time.

For the woman today who is holding it together Just…

My wish for you is that you today ask for what it is you need!!!

And for every human on this planet my wish is for people to stop fucking judging and gossiping about mums. Leave them the fuck alone! You’re way is not the only way ya know. Stop being miss superior OK.

I speak with woman everyday who are hurting, triggered in anxiety because of the judgements of others, especially family.

Offer support or but out.

My people, ask for what you need this mothers day. πŸ’ It isn’t chocolate. Ask for what you need. Be assertive. Find your support team.

There are hundreds of people working to support mums in rising. If I’m not the coach for you, find someone who is for your team.

I love flowers I really do, but man, that ain’t what we need. πŸ’πŸ€”

Mad love. Mad respect. β€οΈπŸ˜˜

Find some happiness that last longer than 5 minutes on mother’s day.


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