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The Undercover Lightworker Mum


My ideal client?

She is the undercover lightworker, mum, loves those toxic relationships. She is clever and pack’s a punch. Has the skills but lacks the confidence.

If only she would leave him, if only she knew that she is the true brains.

She’s a goody good by day, but damn she knows how to bring a man to his knees.

She gets shit done.

She fucking knows this isn’t the life she is meant to live, she just doesn’t know how to get out.

She worries about her partner not coping with the image of the break up and feels responsible for that.

She pretty much knows he’s banging around but she doesn’t want to face it and avoids socialising now because she thinks everyone can see the shame of his secrets she hides.

The children adore him, they love him; even though she does everything and he comes and goes as he pleases.

And she does love him.

He just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore, she’s spiritually outgrown him and the universe is calling for her to walk her true path. She hears it.

From the outside looking in, her life is perfect.

On the inside, she’s dying of anxiety,. She’s drowning in fear. She’s exhausted. Paralysed by 4 walls.

She’s actually a pretty fantastic person and if only she would let someone support her, she could have it all.

Do you know her?

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