The Earth Mama Speaks

If I am truly from the land
where my feet stand
then my tears are the salt
that oozes from our mothers eyes

she is sad
she is hurting
her children are in pain
her children are fighting

there is yet again mass blood
spilt over her body

she is asking us to stop
stop the fighting
stop the slandering
stop the judgement
stand together with all our differences

cant you see what is happening here
barry the newsman
australian senate being egged
the boy with the egg
the parents
keyboard warriors

condemning another to shame

because they spoke freely

Mama Earth is in so much pain right now
and it is coursing through my body
out of my eyes
in my blood

is everyone this blind to what is happening here
here on our land
here in Aotearoa

no we are not a land of innocence anymore
no we are not a mighty host
we have been brought to dishonor and shame

but not from 1 mans hate
but from our nations state
when will we wake
when will our people see
that to stand as one
we must accept we have lineage
we are from the land

peace, not war, shall be our boast
yet the war through technology
every minute
of every day

the tragedy at the Mosques
being heightened
by anger and hatred between our people

we are saying
we stand together
we are saying
we are one

but, we are lieing
to each other

yes mother earth she is crying
she is doubled over in grief

this is not what our people fought for
we did not lose many an ancestor for this
we ask for a treaty
we ask for freedom of speech
we ask to keep our enemies away

it appears
they already dwell here


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