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To meet the woman, you must meet the girl

To meet the woman, you must meet the girl.

A woman is standing in the forest, alone and naked. She is running through the trees with cold snow is crunching underneath her tired feet. She is lost and can not find her children. She falls to the ground surrendering to her maker, her hot tears are the only thing that she can really feel before the cold night takes her away.

Stuck inside an old antique mirror is a gorgeous little girl. She looks to be about 5 years old with kind eyes. She is waiting. Waiting for somebody, anybody, to come and notice her. To listen to her. To hold her in their arms and show her she matters She is searching for the woman in the forest.


If only we could really see the truth, that we are the girl in the mirror. That you are the girl in the mirror.

We are all searching for intimacy, for connection, safety, love.

You don’t have to that lost woman in the woods.

The girl in the mirror coaching will support you back to the girl in the mirror. We will collect your little girl and we close the gap.

We will build your confidence, we will learn to pause, and connect.

We will learn how to parent intuitively, consciously and confidently.

After all, the children are the future.





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