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How to Purge, Create Space and Cut ties

The other day I posted a blog about, why purge, clear your space and create space.

Now I will talk about how to do these things.

Well, lets start where we left off. The rotten vegetables, in the fridge. Tainting everything. And the fresh organic vegetables, sitting on the bench. Going rotten.

Its a simple choice that had to be made. A conscious, I choose the organic vegetables over the rotten vegetables. And then, the rotten vegetables are removed from the fridge. See. Simple.

Ahh, but what about when we are not aware that we have rotten vegetables in our auric fields. In our minds and in our lives? How then do we get rid of these?

Basics, we go back to basics.

  • Journal. This practise in itself highlights to us where we have rotten fruit. Bad habits. Unhelpful thoughts. Recurring negativity. And this gets it our of our head. Being aware means we can now redirect ourselves when we find ourselves speaking or being in a way that takes up space with negativity.


  • Close loops. This is basically the un-closed tasks that you have still hanging around in your head. Big ones and small ones. Its the things like, hang the washing out. Bake a cake with the kids. Get your hoo hoo waxed. Cut your babies toenails. Take the car to the mechanic for a check up. Ring the lawyers. Get the tooth fixed. Leave you’re mistress. All un-closed loops are taking up space inside our brains, keeping us hanging onto the past and stopping us from moving forward


  • Declutter the home. Marie Kondo, now a trend. This process of removing all things that do not bring joy to the touch, is a process of purging in itself. It clears space energetically and physically. Believe in feng shui or not, it works on all levels. Get the book, watch the series and start the process of decluttering. This, is the first step I took far before I even knew that I was purging.


  • Weed the garden. Clear the rubbish bins. Empty the car out. Put the washing away. Clean the fridge out. Again, this feng shui moves energy around. It takes the stale energy and leaves space for new movement and energy.


  • Move your body. Yoga, walks, jogs, boxing, swim, dance, it doesn’t matter. Just move your body, it shakes up the stale energies and allows space for new energies to come through.


  • Cleanse. Sorry, but its a real goodie. Drinking a lot of water flushes toxins. Veggie juices. Bought cleanses, lemon, all the good stuff. Removes the old not so good stuff, and leaves space for the new.

There are plenty of things I could suggest. However, that’s enough for today. If you truly put this into practice, things would start to shift.

I would recommend a coach to walk along side you during this, as when you start to purge, your emotions will come up to be released also. A coach will be the difference between you stuffing it down and collecting more old energy, or releasing it and visualising a new future for yourself.

Do not be shy to book in a free discovery call with me. 

-April B

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