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I’m perfect already.

You should believe every single thing I say… And you should judge me. And put me on pedestals. And then when I fall, shoot me down in flames .

You should laugh at things I say. You should feel discomfort in the words I write. And you most definitely should put labels on me.

But only if you can learn from it. Only if you are looking to improve yourself. If you can recognise what I trigger in you, and recognise that it is you that you need to address, control and change. Never me. Never anyone else. Because I, I am as perfect as I am going to ever be. Right in this moment.

I wanted to share with you what I’ve learnt about social media and expression.

I’ve been doing a social media clean up for the past couple of weeks. I was in anger. And sometimes I knew. And sometimes I did not.

And, I have expressed some of my beliefs and lessons through the emotion of anger instead of through my heart. Instead of through vulnerability.

Don’t get me wrong..I regret nothing. I accept myself you see. Not much you say bothers me, you’re judgement does not bother me. It teaches me.

Being in anger isn’t wrong. It isn’t something to be embarrassed about. In fact anger is a very common mode of protection used by most people, and especially the New Zealand maori. All our emotions are necessary. Even anger

The gift of anger is it highlights to us that our boundaries have been crossed and they need to be restored

I have learnt that as a masculine person, letting go of anger and allowing more of the feminine feels to come on in, was extremely uncomfortable. However, the choice was made. It was time. Time to let go of anger. Time be become vulnerable in my heart. Time to let go of another big layer of past hates and hurts.

Forgiveness doesn’t happen in one go. It takes many many layers to get to the core of the onion. And so it is with releasing anger. Exposing sadness. Heart hurts. Heart truths.

Sharing my journey is hugely important to me, and so is becoming a strong ethical coach that can sit in a space for another person to work through their layers without mixing in my personal beliefs. Its a dance between who I am naturally, and who I am professionally. This is what it is when you discover your life’s work and your lifestyle are very similar. It takes practice.

I cant bear to be like others. Because I simply am not like others. In fact, my personality type makes up only 2% of the population. The rarest of them all. I need to take action before things are perfect. I need to take action with less than professional videos and pictures. With my spelling mistakes. I can not conform. I can not just wait. I have valuable lessons that I must share. They are not just mine to hide them away. I cannot filter my life through other peoples approval or opinions

This is my process.


My value for being unconditional and beingme far out rank waiting for approval or perfection.

So I am going to make some fuck ups.
And I am going to make some OMG posts.
And I am going to make them out loud
But guess what..
I will still rise. I will still move upwards. I will still stay me. And I will always return back to my heart.

  • Don’t wait for perfection
  • Please don’t. Just check in
  • Get going
  • Readjust
  • Clean up when necessary
  • Do the work. Do the fucking work!!!
  • And learn from your emotions, please





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  • Joseph

    Hey was just goin to say that for me there is no perfect because everybody has their own standard they live by,but i will akso add im my own worst critic striving to be the best but never quite there .ive learnt not to over think cause it will eat you up and spit you out,so long as my kids are proud of me thats good enough of a legacy for me to leave this world happy and almost sane cheers

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