Fathers Day 2018

How good are we at making sentimental and meaningful days mean something sad and negative for ourselves and those around us.

And for what reason? So that we can express the hurt we have attached to a day that is meant to be for celebrating something amazing.

Fathers day.

“The Father’s Day is celebrated across the world with the objective of realising and honouring the contribution of fathers in the society. It is a day which celebrates the fatherhood, paternal bonds and the efforts of male parents towards their family and society.”

A simple fact. There would be no humans on the planet if not for fathers.

Lets celebrate

  1. Without the male sperm we would not have any children
  2. Any person who has a great influence on your child, had a father
  3. Showing children to look at the good side and find a reason to always celebrate teaches them forgiveness and to express love
  4. If your father, or child’s father even spent 5 minutes in your child’s life, you can celebrate that

Its all perspective. Look for the good in the situation and celebrate the great fathers that surround you. That contribute to our society. That are influencing the children of today’s day to be who they are now. The fathers that came before us. And the fathers that will come after us.

“If the scientific study of fatherhood has taught us one thing, it’s that there are data-driven, biological, and psychological reasons why kids seem to do better with dads.”

The Science of Dad and the ‘Father Effect’



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