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Tips To Raise The Cancerian Child


I am an Aries through and through. Fire. All the goods and all the not so goods of all which comes with the fire.

My daughter is a Cancer. Sensitive Water. The crab. The full moon always has her wide awake and shes such a people pleaser.

So the combination?

In a nutshell you will always hear me saying “OMG Addison HURRY UP!!” And Addison’s reply “Don’t rush me. I am busy doing it, can’t you see! You are taking up my time distracting me. Mum! Have some patience”

When she was a baby, I had all the patience in the world. Up until around 3 years of age.

Here’s what I know about the cancer babies. The cancer child. Funnnily enough I have many of my closest gf’s who are either Cancers or have cancer children. Must be my current life lesson huh. Patience. 

Cancer is the zodiacal 4th House of home environment, providing Crabs with a strong attachment to home, especially their mother.  This will persist throughout their life, which can either be seen as a blessing or a curse since severing the umbilical cord may take decades to achieve.

  1. Cancerians are ruled by the moon. The moon affects their mood
  2. Cancer is the Crab. A Crab can live in the water and on the land. 
  3. They are mamas childrens.
  4. They need time to warm up to new people. Never force this on them. Let them guide it.
  5. Family is extra important to the Cancerians who respond best to familiar people and settings
  6. Cancers are homeboides and need structure and staabiltiy inthe home front
  7. Known as the ‘mother’ sign, they are the nurturers. Empathetic, sensitive and affected by the feelings of others. 
  8. Highly intuitive and all knowing. They are always noticing
  9. They tend to bottle up thier emotions and go quiet
  10. They are extremely creative and love to dream, play imaginary games


So all that aside. How do we better raise these moody sensitive intuitive empathetic sweethearts?

  1. Recognise the moon effects them and give them space. On a full moon expect them to be wide awake in bed and let them do a full moon bath routine. (bath with salts, lavenders, etc)
  2. Take them out to nature, ideally a comination of land and water
  3. Allow your child to see you being stable and getting back after after a rough patch. They need to feel connected to you to feel safe and stable.
  4. As cancerians have a 6th sense with people, allow them this time to establish a connection. Never force it and always honour thier 6th sense. 
  5. Foster wider family connections and ensure your cancerian can spend time with both sides of thier families. 
  6. Allow these crabs to paticipate in the decorating and setting up in thier rooms as soon as possible. Give them safe spaces to be alone
  7. Teach these crabs how to clear other peopes energy off them, to protect themselves from this energy and to fil themselves with thier own energy
  8. Work on your own intuition and empathetic skills, as this is thier number one preferred way of comunicating. Energy
  9. Provide a safe space for them to share thier feelings, using empathetic parenting, and they will speak out more and more
  10. Provide them with plenty of arts and crafts. Teach them how to do intuitive arts to foster the creativity, moon, intuition, imagination and nurture inside of them. 

Above all. Study empathetic parenting and parent consciously. Cancerians main challenge will be in masering all those moon water emotions!

We got this. xo




  • katetrustandpixiedust

    So important- I am a cancer child myself and it sometimes is difficult. I always do feel like I have a sense of people, but I have been taught to doubt it. Do not teach your daughter to doubt her instincts. Every time I have gotten a bad vibe off of someone in the beginning but I ignored it and tried to push it away, I have been played a fool. I have gotten hurt because I did not trust myself. Other times, I have gotten hurt because I felt alone and disconnected when I was around people– I didn’t understand, why didn’t I fit in? Teach your cancer daughter that it’s okay to feel this way. Teach her to take the steps back that she needs. Teach her to always believe and trust in herself.

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