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Learn From Kids – Surrender

We have this on repeat today. Addison has come a long way, with no energy and all the sicks, she still smiles, uses her manners, asks for what she wants, expresses her frustration without the drama, says what she isn’t capable of and takes her medicine.

I’m learning from her. She’s showing me what surrender looks like.

She has:

  1. Patience – time isn’t a factor to her right now
  2. Boundaries – she isn’t people pleasing right now
  3. Assertiveness – she is clear that she is not well enough to travel
  4. Kindness – she still will reach over, stroke my arm and say ‘love you’, & try to share
  5. Self responsibility – she is asking for what she needs to keep herself comfortable
  6. Awareness – she is aware she is not well and needs to rest
  7. Vulnerability – she expresses her sadness at being sick with tears but doesn’t dwell
  8. Trust – she knows this will pass and that the medicine I give her is for her wellness

I’m not even hating her being sick. Normally I would resent having to slow down. I’m enjoying being nurturing for her. Putting her first. I’m learning from my 7 year old how to face the struggles of life gracefully.

On a side note: Manifestation in the physical. Because remember this is mind, body and soul.

The body is the last place to manifest so by the time you get sick, this has been emotionally hurting us for some time.

This is a result of the emotional stress she has been enduring. Her whimpers in her sleep are heartbreaking. Kids suffer from family destruction so if your about to step out or step into something that could destroy your kids foundations – get some professional advice on how to least affect the children.


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