Empathetic parenting

Children Witness It All – Now What?

Kids express emotions differently to us. They cry about silly things because they are unsure how to cry about the deeper things. Sometimes all you can do is give cuddles and be with them. Let them know you got them

If I could change the past? I would have learnt the following much quicker:

  1. Be assertive and trust your intuition
  2. I would show my daughter that we must stand for ourselves if we expect others to stand for us
  3. I would show my daughter that you are allowed requirements
  4. Always protect yourself rather than relie on someone else to do that
  5. Build resilience to online bullying

We can’t go back and change the past. We must accept that we did my best.

What we can do now?

  1. Do not let those same words that had you hooked,  continue to infiltrate you
  2. Watch actions over words in everyone
  3. Keep your doors shut to people who don’t fulfill your requirements whilst keeping your heart soft
  4. Listen to the inner voice. If its telling you someone or something is off, accept it
  5. Parent consciously. Be that parent you were before all the heartache happened
  6. Be assertive. Have boundaries. Surround yourself with people who wish to be better.

Submissiveness in women is huge at the moment and that’s something we can change. All it takes is a willingness to be stronger and an unyielding faith that you can.

And you can I know. Because I’m doing it


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