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My Role As A Life Coach

  1. My role as a life coach involves me organising systems for collecting in information to assess the suitability of the client.  It requires me to collect agreements from the client where the client is not only agreeing with my terms but is making a commitment to themselves to see things through.
  2.  It requires me to build rapport with the client, so they are safe enough to share some of their inner most fears and feelings.
  3.  It requires me to show up with the clients in a cheerleader type style, believing in them and offering them empathy, nurturing, respect, support and motivation along the way. It is being with them, but not doing it for them. Walk beside you, not in front or behind. After all, it is your life.
  4. The role of a coach is to use questions rather than advise. The client must come up with their solutions and do what feels right for them. Regardless of how a coach may want to tell a client what to do. That is respect.
  5. A coach will have coaching terms to place the boundaries and expectations of the relationship from the start and will ensure they are adhered to. Leading the way and walking the talk. Ensuring that there is a clear guideline with what time and communication methods are accepted to keep the balance.
  6. A life coach would ideally have their own life coach as well and always be checking themselves on their behaviour, conduct and own values and vision.
  7. The role of a life coach is one of trust and therefore a life coach must always be authentic and live a life congruent to what they teach. The responsibility they choose to hold is one that should be treated with he utmost respect.

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