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Hey you guys,

Allow me to introduce myself officially

My name is April and I hail from the land of the long white cloud. I am born and bred around the Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton Areas – New Zealand yeah.

 I am currently 36 years of age and live with my 7-year-old.

 My vision in life is to be teaching people how to first love themselves so they can parent consciously so that we can raise our children stronger and more balanced than maybe we were raised.

 I have always felt compelled to support people emotionally and have always been an empath. I will pick up people’s feelings and it took a long time for me to learn how not to take that feeling on.

 I did not pursue my childhood dream of being a relationship counsellor and child psychologist because I did not think I had the strength to separate those feelings

 I have always been the person people come to speak of their feelings and problems, and I have always enjoyed it.

Working in Isagenix I spent 2 years coaching my team and running weekly group zoom calls. I spoke on the stage and ran weekly events.

I have been to Tony Robbins, Land Mark, Master Your Influence Retreat and Workshop and read copious amounts of self-development books. I believe in the law of attraction, the dimensions, all things energy and am certified reiki 1 and access consciousness bars. I don’t genuinely do these for other people, just myself and my daughter or close ones.

My top 6 values in life

·         Mummy Daughter (Conscious Parenting)

·         Body (Health)

·         Heart Truth (Dimensional)

·         Communication (Coaching)

·         Being Me (Freedom)

·         Unconditional (Confidence)

 I believe the children are the future. And I believe that I will impact this country’s everyday people to gain confidence in being who they are, and to fall asleep at night knowing they did their best with their children.  




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