Empathetic parenting

Why Being Assertive Matters In Parenting

The opposite of assertive is passive. Submissive women are impacting our children.
We are teaching them that it is ok to be with men that abuse us. That it is ok to have friends who use us. That is is acceptable to bully each other to get what we want. We are showing them how to self sacrifice and that we don’t matter. We are doormats.

We need to learn to have boundaries and be assertive. To keep ourselves safe and fufilled. To know that we have no conditions.

We are unconditional. In every way we choose to be. The universe is unconditional. There are no limits other than the limits we place on ourselves.

Unconditional love. Unconditional fire. Unconditional me. Unconditional you.

Unconditional motivation to use my vision to pull me and guide me to use my fire to make an impact while I am on this earth.

​Do you notice the limits you place on yourself are your limits? Do you notice where you submit to others when really you wish to tell them to fuck off?

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