Empathetic parenting

Conscious Parenting

A true intimate connection with our children is what truly inspires life. Conscious parenting, showing my daughter how to ground into the earth, connect into her intuition and be herself in this world. Guiding her to have enough self worth that she knows how to keep boundaries, have confidence and be kind.

Childlike scropped-38645821_259800824637939_7606700811397103616_n-1.jpgtate teaches us what its like to truly just be, surrender, receive, forgive, play and trust. I believe the children are the future and I believe that through my connection with my daughter together we will show other mum’s and daughters how to connect and parent their way through this very different time on our earth. My daughter is my one true inspiration.

When was the last time you looked into the depths of your child’s eyes without either one of you squirming away?

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